Friday, January 1, 2010

Fiat Lux!

Of course it's a dark song! It was written at a very bad time. I was just out of basic training and I'd been transferred to a place the Natal Mercury referred to as Hell Camp. When I watched Jacob's Ladder the first time it reminded me of this place so much that the horror came back.

I survived and eventually prospered, thanks mainly to Ian Culpin, who saved my life (literally) and Craig Gillings, who saved my soul. The debt I owe them can never be repaid but I remember them every day.

Straight and Narrow (recorded as Resolutions) did not come to me overnight and in truth was not some cathartic self psycho-analysis. It was, in the main, the pethidene. No, seriously. Like most of my lyrics the words appeared effortlessly. The tune is as simple as could be.

Craig had a guitar and we spent many hours playing together. He knew all the songs I should have known and I hope one day we will record some of them together. In particular I remember his rendition of Cry me a River which remains my favoutire to this day. So many sunsets, so little time.

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