Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions Released

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resolutions.mp3 (7793 KB)

Written almost 20 years ago in the 5 SAI sickbay.


My resolutions aren't too clear
despite the ending that is near
despite the hate despite the fear
my resolutions aren't too clear

Thought through the mind
leads the soul to darkness
leaves the body racked with sobs
and the pain lingers long

My mind is far away from here
despite the peace that is so near
despite the anguish and despair
my mind is far away from here

Pain through the body
leads the mind to darkness
leaves the soul dressed in rags
and the fear lingers long

Beside myself I shed a tear
despite the pain that is so near
despite the pain despite the fear
beside myself I shed a tear

Fear through the soul
leads the body to darkness
leaves the mind to turn to shreds
and the thought lingers long.

Chords - G- C- D

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