Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolutions 2

I have thought about things more than I should have and I feel better for it.

Music has become something that is more about celebrity than song. Millions are made from trash, and once fame is established any crap can be fed to the masses.

The album has become irrelevant, the province of high brow critics and musical luddites, their heads stuck in a mythical sixties of guitar, bass and drums. But there is no longer a requirement for songs to be grouped on large media. Songs can be atomised, representing themselves and not a larger whole. The song can be the sum of one part.

In an era where music can be immediate it makes more sense for it to be immediate. In an era where music has a short lifespan it makes sense to gear towards consumerism. In an era were you're going to be ripped into torrents, you might as well give it away for free.
This will be about songs, whether they're good or bad will be decided by each individual. They'll be free, and scattered across the internet, tracked via this blog.

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