Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recording "Sing for your supper"

I started recording "Sing for your supper" this morning. This is a song that Sharkbrother used to play as part of our set in days gone by so there are a few people out there who know it well. I wrote the song over 20 years ago during my national service. In some ways it foretold those dark days between 1990 and the sharkbrother success when I used to busk in northern suburb malls for small change.

The song is about whatever the listener thinks it's about. besides, i wrote it so long ago I don't even remember who I was back then. 

The process I use for new recordings is starting to get familiar, comfortable... I usually lay down a guide track against a basic beat. In the case of sing for your supper the tempo is 90 bbm; fairly slow. The guide track is vocals and acoustic guitar together. Initially I was using my 12 string, which you can probably still hear on some of the recordings from early 2010 such as Resolutions. On the last 5 numbers I have used my Seagull S6 Folk - it's a wondrful little guitar with a big voice, far bigger than it's size would lead you to believe.

The first vocal take is through the JoeMeek JM27, usually without using the compressor, mainly because there is no real reason as this take will be dumped later.

In the next few posts I'll upload thetracks as they progress. I hope you find it interesting. 



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