Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The first few days.

Resolutions was the second recording in this release cycle. The first had been a recording of Khun Sa surrenders. Khun Sa surrenders is an instrumental track and will be released later.

Both these songs were part of a learning curve. I had, with the help of Jeff Fletcher (and a thousand thank you's would not suffice) of One Mighty Atom, got my recording gear together and was finally in a position to get started.

And for a change I read the manual. Possibly not as well as I should have, but I gave it more of a go than I might usually have. I started with Reaper as DAW and have so far resisted Jeff's persuasion to join the Ableton religion, although the only barrier is money.

Reaper has some limitations in the MIDI department and I also needed something that I could use to produce loops quickly. For this purpose I selected Fruity Loops, mainly cause Thato Mabotja's inspired work showed off its potential.

I'm enjoying the songs, which probably means that I have reached my goal and with the blog and posterous (thanks to Darren), it makes it possible to release on the fly.

It also allows the music to breathe a bit and grow. It's a wonderful mix of "live" and "recorded". I can release a song onto the web, re-record it and re-release, all in a matter of minutes and without paperwork, lawyers or greed becoming part of the process.

An upcoming example will be "Necessary Evil". There will be three releases, one in 4/4, and two in 3/4. At least they do not necessitate a double album.

The struggle continues, hey Taz?

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  1. Yes it does, but we dont take it too seriously ... LOL !!!!!