Monday, January 11, 2010

Habe die Platte noch im Keller!

A friend, Justin, posted the following on FB:

"Check out:
Ziza - a couple of tracks i helped write. Real musos, talented singers, a real
studio and mastering by a master! Keep an eye out for the music videos
coming soon.."

and it's well worth checking out. Justin does amazing work and it's always good to follow his activities.

One of my all time favourite albums is Working Nights by Working Week (if you want to sneak a listen here's a track with a fanvid on youtube ) and Ziza reminds me of them so MUCH that I'm an instant fan. The Working Week track will sound dated, but that's the 80's for you, it could infect anything. I still have the vinyl and must remember to ask Tim to source a cd version.

But Justin's post also had me thinking (as you do when driving the lawnmower between the pack of dogs). Real musos? and when are you a real muso? Truth is it led to at least a day or two of introspection while I second-guessed myself to the Nth degree.

In the end I realised that I had never thought of myself as a musician, simply because I have some very big limits. For one thing I'm not all that good on guitar and secondly, while I can sing, my voice has some pretty big commercial limits. The other major constraint is that I do not really speak music and so I always find myself a little confused when dealing with real musos, for goodness sake, I can't even read the language!

So the point is moot personally, but it makes me wonder what I'm busy with here. For one thing, while I am not a musician, I am a songwriter (limited to some genre, but still), and a good one at that (well, you HAVE to believe in yourself), and it has always ended there. I liked taking the songs to a conclusion with others, but life caught up and now I get to do it all myself.

So having solved this for myself (by avoidance) I have to wonder what it means for others. What is a real muso? Answers, anyone?

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