Friday, January 15, 2010

Necessary Evil

Necessary Evil 1  
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I fell in love with her when I walked into the Std 6 classroom, and I carried that crush for years. I couldn't help the feeling and I couldn't change it, and even when I fell for others she remained somewhere in my heart. I was there when she married and I wish her well.

Well I guess it's kinda late
I'm getting tired of tempting fate

but while loving you is a necessary evil
that's what I'll do

I wait on the seashore
the wind in my hair
pulling me towards you
like a beast to its lair

I dove into the water
I feel it surround me
I strive for the surface
temptation finds me

free from my longing
I stand before peace
round me a storm is raging
I wait for release

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