Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rise, Lazarus!

February and March 2010 will be the forgotten months. What started as a numbness in my legs in early Feb turned into a serious back problem for most of the next two months.
It was a miserable time, brightened only by painkillers and the odd diazepam. It seems to be over now. For the record, I should have listened to Dori and gone to a chiropracter sooner.
So now, we're back and there's some new music out.
I have changed how this will be delivered. From now on the music will be stored at www.reverbnation.com/88kilosofsunshine 
It will still be free and you can download and share as much as you'd like.
I am still not really capable of spending too much time recording, so the output will slow down, but 6 weeks of bedrest will provide ideas and hopefully I get the chance real soon to put them into action.
Be patient, and listen to Tim.

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